Slaughter Beach Community Page

Slaughter Beach Community Page


Welcome to Slaughter Beach! 

A small residential beach community on the Delaware Bay and surrounded by Primehook Wild Life Refuge, Slaughter Beach is a treasure to those lucky enough to know it. Slaughter Beach is the perfect location nature lovers, boaters, fisherman, and anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature! The town was founded in 1681 and incorporated in 1931. 

One of the most popular residents at Slaughter Beach is the horseshoe crab. Because Slaughter Beach is such an important area for the continued survival and research of horseshoe crabs and the migrating birds that depend on their eggs, the town has adopted the horseshoe crab as its official town symbol. 


Residents and tourists are attracted to this town for birding, as many birds stop over to eat the eggs of horseshoe crabs as they lay their eggs on the beaches.   The state marine animal of Delaware and a "signature species" of the Delaware Bay Estuary. 




It’s always a beautiful day on the Delaware Bay, especially here in Slaughter Beach! For large google map to real pro systemsgroups who plan on using the Public Pavilion please call the Town Office, (302) 424-7659, or email the Town, in advance. Anyone wishing to rent the Memorial Vol. Fire Co. Hall, for a special occasion, can call (302) 535-3656 for additional information. Or visit:


Below is the contact information for the town council. Please feel free to reach out to these members at anytime!


Mayor – Bill Krause  (610) 239-6796

Vice Mayor – Amy J. Reed Parker (302) 422-5814

Treasurer – Jackson Gingrich (302) 265-2258

Secretary – Glenn M. Stieffenhofer  (215)-651-427

Councilperson – Kathy Lock (302)-422-5234


HERE IS A VIDEO: about Slaughter beach and one of my sold listings!
257 Bay Avenue, Slaughter Beach, DE

For more information go to the town's website: