Dewey Beach Community Page

Dewey Beach Community Page

Delaware's Dewey Beach is a spectacular sandbar community - on one side is Rehoboth bay, and on the other side there are the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Dewey Beach itself is a small town of less than 400 people, but it has become a popular tourist destination for anyone interested in water sports and beach vacations, and is the perfect spot for a relaxing family getaway.

Dewey Beach has always been proud of its rock-and-roll soul and its young-and-restless attitude. Blessed with ocean beaches on one side and a broad bay on the other, Dewey Beach is perfectly suited to those adventurous travelers whose idea of fun leans more toward jet-ski rides or a brisk game of volleyball on the beach. Others spend their days enjoying watersports, including boating, parasailing, wake boarding, water skiing, windsurfing, or even dolphin watching.It's also the kind of town that truly comes to life after the sun sets over the bay. That's when you head for the bayside nightclubs like North Beach, Nalu Hawaiian Bare and GrilleHammerheads and the Rusty Rudder for some dancing and drinking, or grab a cold one at such legendary Dewey Beach bars as The Starboard (home to a great Bloody Mary Bar), or get themselves juiced up for a night of live music at the Bottle and Cork -- the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock and Roll Bar in the World.”



FACT: In 1868, "Rehoboth City" first appeared on a map of Lewes Rehoboth Hundred in Beer's Atlas of Delaware. It is believed that the name was changed to Dewey Beach following the 1898 Battle of Manilla (Spanish–American War) when Admiral George Dewey became a national hero.

FACT: The Rehoboth Beach Lifesaving Station, located at the end of Dagsworthy Street, was commissioned in 1878. It became the Rehoboth Beach Coast Guard Station in 1915. In 1921 citizens objected to the closing of the station, and it was recommissioned in 1926. The station was decommissioned in 1937 and abandoned in 1946. The original structure was moved to Lewes and became a residence. A replica of the station was built in 1988 which stands today.

FACT: Dewey Beach was incorporated as a town in 1981. Dewey Beach is governed by a Town Council and Mayor. The town's first mayor, Bruce Vavala, reportedly spent his first day in office surfing. We hold elections each year to fill the positions of Commissioners who have come to the end of their two-year terms.  Town meetings are held each month at the Lifesaving Station.

Our town lies on a small strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay, is about one mile long and only two blocks wide. Despite its small size and low year-round population of about 300, it is not uncommon for 30,000 to visit the town during summer weekends. 

Dewey Beach, Delaware, lies just south of Rehoboth and straddles both sides of Route 1, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Rehoboth Bay to the west.


The Delaware ocean is a haven for swimming, surf fishing, skimboarding, beachcombing and just plain relaxing. Sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, boating and fishing are just a few of the recreational opportunities available on the bay.

Restaurants and night clubs dot the highway and the bay as college-aged kids hop from one hot spot to the next on weekend nights. Accomodations range from cottages to motels.


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