Bethany Beach Community Page

Bethany Beach Community Page



Bethany Beach, which is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean with nearly a mile of beachfront open to the public. Bethany Beach is very family-oriented! You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see Chief Little Owl — the 24-foot-tall wooden sculpture paying homage to the Nanticoke Nation -standing at the intersection of Route 1, the coastal highway, with Route 26, the main access road from the west.


Scenic, Scenic....
Bethany is the kind of place that's perfectly suited to 
beach-house gatherings of extended families, who find their sunny days filled with an endless array of do-as-you-please activities – sunning or running on the 
broad beachesshopping tax-free at the shops around town and on the Boardwalk or lingering over a gourmet meal at the many favorite restaurants of the Bethany Beach area



The Town...

The octagonal shape of the Town Hall roof, mirrors that of the nearby Church, which was established by the Town’s founding citizens. Town Hall houses our Town Museum and Children’s Theater and provides a venue for our Town Council to work out amicable solutions to our public policy issues. Be sure to take time to observe the beautiful flowers brightening the median and surrounding locations.


The Shops...


As with nearly all beach and resort towns, there are plenty of shops mixed with plenty of small restaurants. Bethany Beach's shopping blocks are nicer than most and have a good variety of stores. Most of the prevalent type of shops sells toys, beachwear and t-shirts. 




Morning, afternoon and evening strolls....


Bethany’s boardwalk is only 3/8 of a mile long but, as the town’s annual events calendar stresses, “it provides us and our many visitors miles and miles of fun and exercise.” The Boardwalk presents opportunities both for walkers and for those who want to join in the seasonal morning exercise classes, as well as the chance to buy a variety of beach food treats and Bethany-themed t-shirts.




Music Nostalgia...

At the Boardwalk's center is the renowned Bandstand, the site where during the summer weekends are a variety of performers--some famous, some not. All of whom provide FREE entertainment all summer long!


Loving the Lifestyle...

For some, the Bethany Beach lifestyle is the ultimate expression of why the Delaware beaches hold a special place in people's hearts, generation after generation.


For years, Bethany has embraced its own quiet style- smaller and more serene than some beach resorts, Bethany has become a favorite for celebrities.








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